artist portfolio » Adrian B McMurchie
5 Lindsay Place,
G12 0HU 
Mobile: 07901 767 393

The majority of his  work is of an architectural nature, depicting buildings and cityscapes. Through his preferred medium of watercolour and ink Adrian expresses the dynamic contours of city buildings and reflects the vigour of urban life. He works mostly in watercolour and ink starting with a simple line drawing concentrating on the subject more than the paper (a lesson learned from life drawing classes at college). Adrian tends to work from photos using a full on shot with more close up detailed images. He occasionally work from life which ends in much the same drawing. The only difference being the drawing may be a little looser. He then copies the image onto watercolour paper and applies the paint. “I tend to use very little water in my paintings which gives the buildings a more solid appearance. The only time I use the paint in a traditional manner is for the sky which again helps to portray the buildings as solid structures”. His influences include Ralph Steadman and architectural renderer, Hughson Hawley.

His illustrations and paintings have appeared in most UK national newspapers, in magazines such as BA's in-flight High Life, for children's book publishers ( including a unique children's literary guide to Edinburgh, introduced by J.K. Rowling) and for design consultants while his panoramic cityscapes are installed in public buildings across Scotland such as Glasgow airport, Radisson Blu, Porcelanosa and The Corinthian Club. He illustrated the restaurant review for the Sunday Herald from 2000-11.

He lives and works in Glasgow.